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“Da-production” is a non-profit company and was founded in 2003 with the aim to support human rights issues. For human rights “Da-production” has no geographical or thematic limitation. 

“Da-production” has received awards for its documentaries during the 18 years of its existence. The films have been shown worldwide.

Behind “Da-production” are the two producers David Schläpfer & Aida Schläpfer as well as long-time employees from various fields and an impressive network of freelancers and specialists.

The well-rehearsed producer team guarantees you a personal, stress-free cooperation. And produces films of international format with a strong focus on human rights.

Our Next Movie

Souls In Transit

The documentary film shows the story of a largely unknown genocide. In 1915 2.5 to 3 million Christians were killed by the Ottoman Empire in the most brutal way. The film tells the story of this massacre using contemporary witnesses and builds a bridge to the present. For the genocide of 1915 continues tragically in the current wars and conflicts and continues unabated.

Latest Movies

Gangs of Baghdad

Gangs of Baghdad a 52-minute documentary – subtitled in english “Gangs of Baghdad” showcases the experiences of people who fell victim to criminal and terrorist

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Marionette35 mm  My movie is telling the story of a woman, who got into an irrational state of mind, because of her love affair. It

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