Dokumentarfilm (2015, 24.45 min)


A short summary of the documentary film (“Noun”)

Director: Aida Schlaepfer
Producers:    Minority Rights Group International & da-Production
Film Length: 24.45 minutes
Language of film: Arabic, translated in to English

The film “Noun” depicts the suffering of Christian Iraqis - their marginalisation, persecution, torture, and murder - culminating in their forced displacement from their homes in northern Iraq, and how this systematic displacement, which began at the turn of the 20th Century, continues to this day. Throughout the 24-minute film, many individuals and families share the details of what they have personally witnessed of the assaults by ISIS gangs, including kidnapping, torture, theft and displacement. Alternating between these accounts, priests who are assisting the displaced give their testimonies, in addition to the individuals affected by the displacement, such as Aida, whose 3-year old daughter was snatched from her and whose disappearance has left doubts about her fate. Furthermore, Yasi, whose husband was killed in her home and buried, without her knowing what had happened; and Father Joseph, whose colleague was beheaded and thrown on to the street; and many, many more tragic stories that depict the true heroes whose heartache is shared with the audience. The common thread that brings together all the stories told in the film is not only a bitter sense of the suffering caused by displacement but also the loss of any sense of security in their own country, and the feeling of being strangers in their own land. In addition, there is the constant state of fear which brings flashbacks of the events that had caused their displacement by ISIS; these remain, until now, etched in their subconscious.  Schlaepfer sheds light on the people who were able to survive the terrible crimes of ISIS that were committed against all who opposed them. The touching and passionate ending of the film leaves its audience with the questions: is there any hope at all of return? And what will the impact be on all the children who have witnessed the tragedy?“Noun” is a forceful appeal to the conscience of humanity, and all international and non-governmental organisations, which have the capability to extend a helping hand to these people. There can be no hesitation in providing assistance to save them from the terrible plight in which they live and bear the brunt of every day.

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Director: Aida Schlaepfer  
Producer: da-Production  
Length:  24.45 min  
Language: Arabisch  
Subtitle: Englisch
Origin: Switzerland 2015  
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