gangs of baghdad

  • a 52-minute documentary- subtitled in english
  • “gangs of baghdad” showcases the experiences of people who fell victim to criminal and terrorist deeds that are nowadays widespread throughout baghdad.
  • during the fifty-two minutes of the film two families and a young girl share with us the details of terrible events they personally witnessed, such as kidnappings, blackmail and, in some cases, random and deliberate killings.
  • film director, a. schlaepfer, seeks to shed light on a side of life in baghdad that, even if it has been dealt with before, has not been given enough attention. schlaepfer especially wants to use her film to highlight the seriousness of the psychological issues that the victims of these atrocities in baghdad must live with.
  • “gangs of baghdad” is an appeal to the human consciousness of all health institutions and humanitarian organizations—entities that are able to extend a helping hand to those psychologically affected by these crimes and horrible deeds— to take active measures and steps to ensure that these victims are rehabilitated and able to embark on a normal life once again.
  This documentary is based on true events and real life stories. If you are touched by what you see and want to contribute to positive change in the
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Middle East Children's Alliance


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