scenario: the german abc-production company sends an email with an inquiry concerning their new adventure-movie. they would like to produce it partly in egypt.

1 customs: after shipping their equipment from germany, we get material through costums in kairo.
however, our recommendation is to rent the material in egypt - this is cheaper - and the uncertainty about promised sta's (scheduled time of arrival) and custom-delays falls away.
2 accomodation they choose to let us pick up their entire crew at the airport.
through excellent preparation check-in process is reduced from over 1 hour normally to less than 10 minutes.
this lets their excellent people catch some sleep, even when they arrive late in the night - and gives them a good chance to start early.
3 locations
the possible locations were offered and discussed long before, choosen and finally reserved. they are prepared and ready. all paperwork with the officials is set.
4 actors, doubles, statists and compares

the same applies to actors, doubles, compares.
they are ready, steady, go.
of course mr. braun, the german regisseur knows them from before - and be it only thru the pictures and sample-movies we sent to his office by email.

for these hired people we offer 3 categories:

A: very decent, motivated and perfectly well trained people. this is the more costly level..

B: fairly well educated people. moderat prices..

C: the less expensive level: people from the street

5 music musicians are choosen according to the scene, instruments and level the play, needed abilities in acting and so forth.
6 material and equipment we offer most competitive cutting edge equipment for most competitive prices.
it is mostly cheaper to rent the materials locally - the uncertainty of customs and shipping fall away.
however, if you choose egypt not to be the only site of taking shots, then you will probably choose to bring your own cameras and films with you.
ask for the list of the materials available for renting out.
preparation -first steps. the very first step for us was to get the script from mr. braun..
the egypt officials give their go only after studying the script - but we take care for that.
hinweis egypt officials will deny if you have sexually explicit scenes in your script, or if your script collides with the local political or religous way of life.
chair ..relax! wir übernehmen!